Powering Change with AI and Data Driven Embedded Systems

Artificial Intelligence “AI” is creating incredible change across the globe in every sector of the embedded systems marketplace.  The Embedded products industry has witnessed a lot of transformations in the past and the latest in a wave of new technological breakthroughs in AI. Data-driven solutions create massive value for our clients that need this type of embedded system.  That being said, no embedded technology has evolved as fast as AI is moving in the present Embedded and industrial markets. Recently AI has shifted focus from just AI hardware to AI-Focused software. Systems are now being designed to use AI to improve efficiency, perform tasks, and monitor conditions previously only trusted to live operators. From repetitive tasks such as mowing a yard, vacuuming a house, to more complex assembly operations, AI can free resources to take care of more important tasks. AI is the primary driver, changing almost aspect of our market, much like the Internet did just a few short years ago. As AI technology evolves, EMAC can help empower your team with the computing power, tools and expertise required to build a Custom AI-based embedded system.  EMAC can provide COTS hardware, a custom carrier board, or a complete Embedded Artificial Intelligence System for the production module of your choice. EMAC has design experience building Custom carrier boards for Nvidia Jetson AI systems, as well as incorporating Intel’s AI processor cards into systems.

AI Embedded Systems

Semi Custom and Fully Custom AI Hardware Solutions

Available using your specifications.

(Please note the items below are not COTS)

AI Embedded System Vs. Normal Embedded System

Generally, regular embedded systems simply lack the computational power to support many of the intelligent features that AI embedded systems can manage. AI systems can handle larger scale, complex computational tasks more efficiently than regular systems. AI system-on-chip solutions are the processors for AI-focused computing tasks with more diverse computing capabilities. AI processors are specialized chips, which utilize AI software to incorporate AI technology and machine learning to make your embedded systems smarter. AI systems are simply designed to do complex embedded computing tasks more effectively and efficiently than regular embedded systems.