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The Use of Embedded Systems in Agriculture

Agriculture is a critical industry that is vital to feeding the world's growing population. The use of technology has played a significant role in improving the efficiency and productivity of the industry. One of the most significant technological advancements has been the use of embedded systems in agriculture.  These [...]

The Use of Embedded Systems in Agriculture2024-01-29T10:58:15-06:00

Understanding the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded processors

AMD while building on the long-lived legacy of the Geode LX processor family is planning the next generation of long-life Embedded Processor platforms. Adding what they have learned with their first attempt at redesigning the LX800, the AMD Embedded APU family of the G-Series and R-Series processors. AMD Embedded [...]

Understanding the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded processors2024-01-29T10:58:17-06:00

SoM-5728M TI AM5728 Real-Time ARM

Designed and manufactured in the USA by EMAC Inc., the SOM-5728M is a wide temperature, fanless system on module built to meet the intense processing needs of modern embedded systems.  The SOM-5728M utilizes a 1.5 GHz TI Sitara AM572x Dual ARM Coretx-A15 & Dual Cortex-M4 DSP.  It is available [...]

SoM-5728M TI AM5728 Real-Time ARM2024-01-29T10:58:19-06:00

Embedded x86 vs ARM? What is the correct choice for your product?

x86 and ARM are both processor architectures. Think of it as a Train vs a Truck, they both transfer cargo from one place to another, but they do it different ways and each has advantages and disadvantages over the other. x86 is a Complex Instruction Set Computer (CISC) processor. CISC processors [...]

Embedded x86 vs ARM? What is the correct choice for your product?2024-01-29T10:58:21-06:00

EMAC Engineering

In my last few blogs I have touted EMAC’s manufacturing capabilities and while I mentioned our Engineering services, I have not gotten into any detail. As I mentioned, EMAC is unique in that we offer both Engineering and Manufacturing services. But what make EMAC even more unique is that we have [...]

EMAC Engineering2024-01-29T10:58:22-06:00

What makes EMAC different from other Contract Manufacturers

EMAC is different from your typical Electronic Assembly Contract Manufacturer. First of all we are primarily an Engineering Design Firm that does Manufacturing. We take our Engineering Mindset and apply it to our manufacturing process. The first thing that we do with a new job is to review the design files [...]

What makes EMAC different from other Contract Manufacturers2024-01-29T10:58:24-06:00

EMAC Custom Productivity Software Tools

In my last Blog I mentioned custom software tools that EMAC created in order to allow us to efficiently adapt, react and manage manufacturing in this chaotic component climate. In this blog, I would like to describe some of these tools, how they work and the benefits that they provide. EMAC [...]

EMAC Custom Productivity Software Tools2024-01-29T10:58:25-06:00

How EMAC Deals with Electronic Component Supply Chain Issues

As most can attest to, the last couple of years have really been a struggle getting components. EMAC has orders from early 2021 for Intel FPGAs that we are not scheduled to receive until late 2023. Furthermore, we had parts stolen out from under us and POs pushed out [...]

How EMAC Deals with Electronic Component Supply Chain Issues2024-01-29T10:58:27-06:00

The End of Life for the AMD Geode LX800 CPU

With EOL AMD Geode LX800, EMAC can always help you choose the best Off-the-Shelf replacement for any legacy system. While most AMD Geode LX800 EOL Replacements do not have 100% of the same IO or header configurations. We can offer a range of boards to pick from in almost [...]

The End of Life for the AMD Geode LX800 CPU2024-01-29T10:58:29-06:00

A brief history of the AMD GEODE LX800 Processor

The LX800 Started out as the Cyrix MediaGX processor. This CPU was first built and delivered in computers in 1997. The MediaGX CPU was an alternative to the Intel and AMD Socketed CPUs of the time. The MediaGX name was kept by the Cyrix division of National Semiconductor; [...]

A brief history of the AMD GEODE LX800 Processor2024-01-29T10:58:30-06:00
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