Thank you for your interest in EMAC’s RTAI release for the Coldfire 5282 Processor. The project was discontinued in October 2005 and EMAC is no longer maintaining this project nor are we accepting updates to the existing code base. The code is available in our public Subversion repository as a courtesy to former customers and the open source community.

This release of RTAI for uCLinux targeting the Coldfire 5282 Processor is distributed under GPL v2. No warranty is expressed or implied. This software is distributed as is and support for this distribution may be provided on a contractual basis. Please contact EMAC at

The RTAI repository can be viewed and downloaded from EMAC’s Public Repository. The tarball of this project is over 600MB. Due to the size of the project you may want to consider using a Subversion client to download the project. To checkout the current trunk as a new directory in your current directory, used the following Subversion client command:

svn checkout rtai5282