EMAC Linux Development Computer “LDC”

EMAC Linux Development ComputerIf you are new to Linux Embedded Development or just want to get a head start the EMAC Linux Development Computer (LDC) is just the ticket. This small footprint desktop computer will provide you with the tools you need to develop & debug Linux application for EMAC SBCs out of the box. When combined with one of our SoM Module and Carrier Systems, Single Board Computer or an Embedded Single Board Server system, you are only a short time away from your marketable product.

The LDC is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit Desktop Edition and includes GCC Cross Compilers, GDB Debugger, Eclipse IDE and board SDK. In addition it includes TFTP, NFS and SSH servers. Distribution Sources are also included.

The LDC system is designed to offer the user a preconfigured system to help speed the to time to market for their project. This system is offered with the software already installed and configured on the system so the end user is ready to start compiling and debugging their software the day they receive the system. The small size of the system is to offer portability of the system between different working locations without major equipment moving.

The system is based on the Intel Core i series processor with 8GB of DDR3 memory and a high-speed Serial ATA 2.0 hard drive. The i5 processor is chosen to offer a dual processor environment, optimized for fast compiling, so there is less time spent waiting on the compiler and more time spent developing and debugging. A 5 in-1 media reader is included for easy backups, archives and portability of your code and applications to flash media. A built in MMC/SD card reader is included to ease and speed software installation onto media for testing on embedded systems. The system is shipped with two high-speed RS232 serial ports for the multiple serial connections needed to download and debug software on different hardware platforms. Dual video is an optional upgrade and offers the ability to hook up two LCD monitors.