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Embedded Systems Since 1985

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EMAC can provide software Board Support Packages (BSPs) for our Single Board Computers (SBCs) using your choice of compatible Operating Systems. Integration of the single board computer into an enclosure, adding memory, CPU, Wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth or Mesh), storage solution & loading an OS, in most cases is free with the purchase of the Single Board Computer and related components. Addionally EMAC has LCD- Panel Kits with Touchscreen options, allowing our Single Board Computer Solutions to utilize an LCD for video output and a touchscreen replacement of a mouse for input. The LCD Panel Kit with the Touchscreen option in conjunction with the Flash Disk, makes for a Solid State Embedded computer system that is ideal for rugged, wide temperature, and low downtime environments.

PPC-Panel PC Open Front
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EMAC’s Panel PCs are available ready to run with the Operating System installed on flash disk or hard drive. Apply power and watch either the Windows or Linux User Interface appear on the vivid color LCD. Interact with the PPC using the responsive integrated touchscreen. Everything works out of the box, allowing you to concentrate on your application, rather than building and configuring device drivers. Just Write-It and Run-It.

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System on module (SoM) is an ideal alternative to custom engineering. With an SoM approach you get the best of aspects of both buying an Off-The-Shelf Single Board Computer (SBC) and of a Custom Engineered solution. With Off-The-Shelf standard components such as a generic carrier board and SOM module, it is possible to start development on your software applications before the custom carrier board is complete; thus offering a reduced time to market for your system. A System on Module (SoM) is comprised of a small processor module with CPU bus accessibility and standard I/O functionality. The SoM module does not have any connectorization and is designed to be plugged into a Carrier Board.

CutiPy LCD Deluxe
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Designed and manufactured in the USA, we cover all your IoT needs. Our internet of things, IoT, technology gives clients the ability to share data in the absence of human intervention. This approach allows clients to develop a product using a commercial off the shelf (COTS) system development/baseboard/carrier board for the proof of concept or production units. If the product or project has specific dimensional, I/O or connector placement requirements a custom carrier board can be created in as little as a month. Use of an off-the-shelf carrier board allows clients to start developing their software while the custom carrier board is being designed and build. Using the SoM approach, product lifecycle concerns for the processor, memory and other SoM based components are minimized.

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EMAC’s Server-In-a-Box line of Embedded Servers and Industrial PCs are Single Board Computers built into small, rugged embedded servers. These Industrial PCs are just as comfortable in the industrial environment as they are on a desktop while providing only the requred portions of the functionality from a conventional server.

SOM-350ES System on Module
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As a worldwide technology leader EMAC offers a full line of commercial off the shelf carrier boards for Embedded ARM System on Module and x86 Computer on Module projects.  EMAC can provide Module and Carrier board solutions that are rugged, compact, low power, and high value.  If your project requires a custom carrier board our team of engineers have the experience to deliver a quality carrier board at a competitive price.

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Why Choose EMAC as Your Embedded Systems Provider

  • EMAC OEM products are designed and manufactured at our facility in the United States.
  • EMAC provides both x86 and RISC/ARM based products & peripherals.
  • EMAC can provide off-the-shelf, custom and semi custom Single Board Computers (SBCs), Panel-PCs (PPCs), System on Modules (SoMs) and Carrier boards as well as software for a Turn-Key solution.
  • EMAC can provide Linux, Real Time Linux, Android and Embedded Windows Operating Systems and in-house support of these OS’s.
  • EMAC offers Hardware & Software Engineering design services and manufacturing of these custom designs.
  • EMAC’S regular pricing includes integration and testing, including peripherals (chassis, PC/104 modules, RAM, flash, LCDs, etc) for each system.
  • EMAC offers Enhanced Technical Support and Training.
  • In addition to engineering and manufacturing our own products; EMAC also distributes (as an authorized distributor) embedded products from industry leading suppliers
  • EMAC was established in 1985 with a focus on quality, technology and customer service.
  • EMAC is a proven leader in embedded Equipment Monitor and Control applications.
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