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The SBC-8106 form factor is ideal for compact PC applications. Due to its small size (100 x 72mm) it’s easily integrated into virtually any system with severe space constraints and/or thermal restrictions, where other form factor simply will not fit the requirements

  • Intel® Atom™ E3815,  E3826 or E3845 CPU
  • Up to 8GB DDR3L SODIMM
  • 2x Serial ports
  • 3x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0 Port
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet

Product Variations

Name SBC-810600-000R SBC-810601-000R SBC-810602-000R
Price Call Call Call
Board Pico-ITX, pITX-E38 Pico-ITX, pITX-E38 Pico-ITX, pITX-E38
CPU E3845 QC E3826 DC E3815
Serial 2xCOM 2xCOM 2xCOM
USB 1xUSB3, 3x USB2 1xUSB3, 3x USB2 1xUSB3, 3x USB2
Audio Audio Audio Audio

Additional information


Pico-ITX, 2.5 inch or smaller

CPU Type


CPU Cores


CPU Details

Intel Atom E3815 / E3826 or E3845 CPU

Clock Speed Frequency

up to 1.91 GHz


up to 8GB





Other Video

LVDS 24Bit dual channel and Display Port 1.1a

Ethernet Wired

1x 1000 BaseT (Gigabit)

Voltage (V)



5 V


The SBC-8106 form factor is ideal for compact PC applications. Due to its small size (100 x 72mm) it’s easily integrated into virtually any system with severe space constraints and/or thermal restrictions, where other form factor simply will not fit the requirements. The compact size of SBC-8106 gives the board a unique advantage over traditional PC based motherboards like the mITX or Flex to become the preferred choice in any compact applications. The industry target for smaller size and lower power plays a bigger role these days. The pITX form factor is becoming more popular due to its increasing performance and substantial range of connectivity options, while still maintaining its compact size and low power consumption. Not only are SBC-8106 compact in size, but it also offers leading edge CPU and GPU performance with the next generation Intel Atom System on Chip (SoC) and a large variety of high-speed interfaces.

The SBC-8106 offers two display outputs delivering high resolution video content to LVDS driven panels or Display Port monitor as well as 3D graphics performance in a low power envelope. Not only does the low power Intel Atom Core provide high resolution video playback, 3D graphics and CPU core performance, but it also offers a wide range of standard interfaces. This makes the SBC-8106 board ideal for applications where compact size and standard interfaces like Gigabit Ethernet, SATA, mSATA & mPCIe are desired in a low power environment.

Supporting OS bootable high capacity, high speed microSD media cards shrinks the footprint even more as applications do not necessarily require external use of SSD or HDD devices connected to the SATA port. Furthermore, the SBC-8106 board supports high-speed DDR3L memory modules which can be operated over a wide temperature range, with a passively Intel Atom core cooled environment and powered by a single supply of 5Volts. The SBC-8106 supports a wide variety of Embedded and non-Embedded operating systems and 7 years supply longevity.


EMAC can provide software Board Support Packages (BSPs) for our Single Board Computers (SBCs) using your choice of compatible Embedded Operating Systems. Integration of the single board computer into an enclosure, adding memory, CPU, Wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth or Mesh), storage solution & loading an OS, in most cases is free with the purchase of the Single Board Computer and related components. Additionally EMAC has LCD- Panel Kits with Touchscreen options, allowing our Single Board Computer Solutions to utilize an LCD for video output and a touchscreen replacement of a mouse for input.

The LCD Panel Kit with the Touchscreen option in conjunction with the Flash Disk, makes for a Solid State Embedded computer system that is ideal for rugged, wide temperature, and low downtime environments. If you cannot find exactly what you need from our large Off-The-Shelf selection, EMAC can potentially customize any hardware or software component, and additionally offer driver development and software application programming, providing you with the perfect fit for their SBC application needs. EMAC can provide Enclosures, I/O Modules, Peripherals, Memory, and Operating Systems for most of our x86 and ARM SBCs to make them into fully embedded systems.

EMAC supports and can install the the following Embedded Operating Systems on Hard Drive or Flash Disk: Embedded Linux, Xenomi Development Framework, ROMDOS, Windows CE, and Windows Embedded Standard, Windows 10 IoT or Windows 10 IoT Core.

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Peripheral Options

SL05x-XON-xx EMAC OE Linux 5.x for x86 (Free installation at time of purchase of SBC & media) Free
S7000-NOL-00020 Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7) & License SOLD ONLY WITH HARD DRIVE OR FLASH DRIVE MEDIA Call
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