In my last few blogs I have touted EMAC’s manufacturing capabilities and while I mentioned our Engineering services, I have not gotten into any detail. As I mentioned, EMAC is unique in that we offer both Engineering and Manufacturing services. But what make EMAC even more unique is that we have a broad product line of Embedded off-the-shelf products which include Single Board Computers (SBCs), System on Modules (SoMs), Panel PCs (PPCs) and Embedded Servers.

All this experience that EMAC has in producing these off-the-shelf products is leveraged in our custom designs, which reduces risk and cost to our customers. Furthermore, EMAC can provide Semi-Custom Engineering services where we combine an off-the-shelf product with a custom board to produce the end product. For example, EMAC will design a custom Carrier board that will be utilized with one of our SoMs. This reduces risk, cost and lead time even more. Couple this with already available Embedded Operating Systems (OS), Board Support Packages (BSPs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs) and more risk and cost savings is had. EMAC supports Linux, Window, Free RTOS, Zephyr and MicroPython as well as bare metal.

In addition to Hardware design services, EMAC also provide Software services including custom OS Builds, BSPs and SDKs. Whether you require a custom kernel driver or a Qt application, EMAC can fulfill your needs. EMAC can even assist with Mechanical Engineering services to provide enclosure and fixtures. EMAC is not only ISO 9001 certified for Manufacturing, but also for Engineering and has been in business since 1985. So if you are in need of a new design or a review of an existing design please reach out to us today.