EMAC Inc. unveils EMAC OE6, a powerful and flexible embedded Linux server release based on the Yocto Project. Designed for developers and embedded system administrators, this feature-rich headless server image caters to the demanding requirements of edge computing, industrial automation, and embedded systems engineers.

Built for Efficiency and Control

EMAC OE6 Embedded Linux prioritizes efficient resource usage, making the most of your embedded hardware. It provides a comprehensive toolkit for:

• Interacting with various hardware components
• Utilizing industrial networking protocols
• Running web servers
• Managing databases

An Extensive Software Suite for Diverse Embedded System Applications
The release boasts a wide range of available embedded Linux software packages, empowering developers to streamline development workflows and readily integrate desired functionalities.

EMAC OE6 Highlights

Comprehensive Development Tools: Debug utilities (gdbserver, htop), hardware testing tools (picocom, i2c-tools, spitools, can-utils, libgpiod-tools), and more. Includes Python3 for scripting tasks, debug utilities for troubleshooting, and sshpass for automated scripting.

Hardware Testing and Industrial Tools: Provides tools for testing and interacting with various hardware interfaces, general-purpose I/O control, audio device management, and industrial communication protocols like Modbus and CAN bus.

Industrial IoT (IIoT) Utilities: Supports development of IIoT applications with libraries for data exchange and communication protocols like MQTT, libmodbus, ser2net, libsocketcan.

Networking Utilities: Offers a range of tools for managing wired, wireless, and cellular network connections. Network Management: connman, NetworkManager, modemmanager.

Web Server Options: Delivers a variety of web server options like Apache-websocket, apache2, nginx, sthttpd, phpMyAdmin for database management, and tools for FastCGI support.

Databases: Supports time-series databases like InfluxDB and popular relational databases like MariaDB, sqlite, sqlite3.

File Server and Mail Server Packages: Includes TFTP, NFS, Postfix, and msmtp for file transfer and email functionalities.

Routing and Firewall Utilities: Provides tools for configuring firewalls and managing network traffic security: dnsmasq, nftables, iptables, firewalld

Comprehensive Global Timezone Support: Offers global timezone information packages.

Additional Features and Flexibility

EMAC offers further customization options upon request, including Qt5 or Qt6 installations, X11 Desktop (XFCE or Sato) or Wayland Weston Desktop environments, and Chromium browsers optimized for either X11 or Wayland. Developers can also leverage EMAC’s FTP site for access to a broader software library.
The release provides all ipk packages and machine-specific SDK installers via Yocto’s Extensible SDK for comprehensive development support. Additionally, all licensing information for included software packages is readily available.

Openembedded Linux Distribution based on Poky 4.0 (codename kirkstone)

Distribution source for EMAC OE 6 can be found at:


Openembedded Linux Distribution based on Poky 4.0 (codename kirkstone)

Package List available at:

About EMAC Inc.

EMAC Inc., headquartered in Carbondale, Illinois, has been a leading developer and manufacturer of embedded system products since 1985. The company specializes in Single Board Computers (SBCs), System on Modules (SoMs) & Carrier Boards, Industrial Panel PCs (PPCs), Embedded Servers, and custom OEM products, catering to industrial settings and applications requiring embedded computer systems.