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A Single-Board Computer (SBC) is a complete computer built on a single circuit board, with microprocessor(s), memory, storage, input/output (I/O) and other features required of a functional computer. Industrial Single-board computers (SBCs) are commonly custom designed and built for a specific system or set of functions.  As embedded computers do not require all functions of a server, desktop, or portable computer, generally SBCs can be easier to integrate all these needed functions onto a single printed circuit board.

ARM Single Board computers or RISC Single board computers are generally purpose-built computer controllers, designed for a few specific tasks. With lower power operation, able to withstand harsher environments, and able to do specific computer tasks these processors are ideal solutions for embedded Single board computers. Where higher-end functions such as multimedia graphics are not normally needed, ARM processors are built to run as computerized equipment monitors watching for errors and reporting when problems occur. Being able to run operating systems outside of traditional windows computers, storage and memory can be smaller saving resources on the per system costs.

While x86 Single board computers are closer to desktop computer systems, however unlike a standard desktop personal computer, SBCs often do not rely on multiple expansion slots for peripheral functions or feature expansion. SBCs can be built using a wide range of Microprocessors, Microcontrollers and specific I/O capabilities. Tailored to specific environmental operating needs such as industrial temperature, extreme vibration, high EMI noise, and other harsh environments. Most standard computers or laptops would not work very long, sitting on an iceberg in Antarctica for 3-4 months in the dark, waking up every few hours to take location, temperature and wind readings; then transmitting them out on a scheduled basis. This is something EMAC, Inc. can and has designed a custom boards for.

SBCs for IoT systems can use lower cost, lower power and simpler designed Microcontrollers, often designed static RAM and low-cost 8-, 16-, 32- or 64-bit processors, such as ARM or RISC controllers. Running a lightweight operating system or BareMetal OS with minimal programmable code. Allowing much more power-efficient operations giving the ability to run off battery for an extended period of time.

Then Jumping to the other end of SBCs you find AI systems Based on Nvidia Jetson SoC CPUs, Intel Movidius Myriad, Google Edge TPU as well as other Machine Learning and ASIC Edge AI Processors made by Texas Instruments “TI”, Silicone Labs, StMicroelectronics and more. These high-end processors take the automation of processes to the next level, based on the system inputs and outputs they can control.

A System-on-Module (SoM) or Computer-on-Module (CoM) is a specific type of single-board computer made to plug into a carrier board, baseboard, or backplane for system I/O expansion.  More information on this type of custom system can be found in our Custom Carrier Board & SoM section Here. Other types similar to the SoM are compact PCI blade SBCs, these are typically built into servers, and perform similar to a server computer, only operating in a more compact format.

EMAC, Inc. can provide software Board Support Packages (BSPs) for the SBCs we design and distribute using your choice of compatible Operating Systems. While also offering Full functional testing, and Integration of the SBC into an enclosure, adding memory, CPU, Wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular or Mesh) connectivity, storage solution & loading an OS. In most cases, this additional handling is included in the purchase price of the SBC and the related components needed. Providing a ready-to-run system when it arrives, ready to take it out of the box and start operations with minimal configuration.

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Additionally, EMAC has LCD- Panel Kits with Touchscreen options; this allows our SBC Solutions to utilize an LCD for video output and a touchscreen input of mouse Keyboard functions. Making a Panel PC solution for a customized off the shelf product. The LCD Panel Kit with the Touchscreen option in conjunction with the Flash Disk, makes for a Solid-State Embedded computer system that is ideal for rugged, wide temperature, and low downtime environments. If you cannot find exactly what you need from our large Off-The-Shelf selection, EMAC can potentially customize any hardware or software component, and additionally offer driver development and software application programming, providing you with the perfect fit for their SBC application needs. EMAC can provide Enclosures, I/O Modules, Peripherals, Memory, and Operating Systems for most of our x86 and ARM SBCs. EMAC supports and can install the following Operating Systems on Hard Drive or Flash Disk: Embedded Linux, Xenomi Development Framework, ROMDOS, Windows CE, and Windows Embedded Standard, Windows 10 IoT or Windows 10 IoT Core.

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