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IOT-1176P NXP RT1170 Industrial IoT ARM Microcontroller

Preliminary- IOT-1176P is a dual-purpose SBC board based on NXP’s i.MX RT1176 processor.

  • NXP i.MX RT1176 Processor
  • Arm Cortex-M7 @1GHz & Arm Cortex-M4F @400MHz
  • Fast Real-time, low-latency response (12ns)
  • 2D GPU and Graphics Accelerator
  • MicroPython, FreeRTOS or EMAC OE Linux

Product Variations

Part Number IOT-1176P
Description RT 1170 Based Microcontroller
Price Call
Size PICO-ITX 2.5″ SBC
CPU NXP i.MX RT 1176
Processor Arm Cortex-M7
RT Processor Arm Cortex-M4F
Operating System Coming Soon
Speed 1 GHz, 400 MHz
Memory 192 KB SRAM
Storage 256 MB Flash, MicroSD
Serial COM Ports
USB2.0 USB Ports
2x Gigabit LAN WiFi, BLE
Version Standard
Expansion 2x 50 pin Expansion Connector
IO Timer, Counter, A/D, D/A, GPIO
Voltage 5V or 3.3V Battery
Temperature (-40°C to 85°C)

Additional information


Pico-ITX, 2.5 inch or smaller


NXP i.MX RT1176 With ARM Cortex-M7 and ARM Cortex-M4F




1 GHz


Memory in Processor


see datasheet


HDMI / DP / DP++, LCD 24 bit LVDS / HDMI / DSI


2x 1000 Base-T Gigabit lan connections


WLAN & Bluetooth (Optional)


MicroSD Card, 256 MB Onboard


12x UART for Serial Ports, 3x CAN

USB 3.0


USB 2.0

USB 2.0






IO Header


-40°C (-40°F)


85°C (185°F)


see datasheet


Preliminary- IOT-1176P NXP RT1170 Industrial IoT ARM Microcontroller is a dual-purpose SBC board based on NXP’s i.MX RT1176 processor. Optimized for use as a low-cost board and to embed in OEM products, it provides advanced security, high-performance low-latency real-time operation, with a versatile set of peripheral interfaces ideal for the implementation of eg. industrial automation and power-efficient audio/visual AI-enabled applications. i.MX RT1170 series cross-over processors are based on Arm ® Cortex ®-M7 and Cortex-M4 cores for real-time industrial performance and microcontroller usability at a cost-effective price.

Hardware components include two Ethernet ports, USB 2.0 host and device ports, MIPI-DSI display interface and MIPI-CSI camera interface, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless, an audio subsystem that supports Bluetooth PCM audio, and stereo audio output. Expansion 40-pin and 20-pin headers pin-out peripheral interfaces such as 12x UART, 6x SPI, 6x I2C, 3x CAN bus and GPIO for further system expansion, making this versatile platform ideal for prototyping and deployment of real-time AI and industrial applications.

IOT-1176P NXP RT1170 Industrial IoT ARM Microcontroller also has advanced security features to protect your application. (eg. Crypto engine, key protection, random number generation, secure storage, bus encryption, tamper protection, secure boot and more) to secure mission-critical applications (eg. electrical grid control and medical applications) IOT-1176P ships with a quick start guide to ensure that hardware and software application development can commence efficiently. The user is responsible for providing an SWD/JTAG debug probe (inexpensive NXP MCU-LINK or equivalent) as well as a suitable 5V/3A USB power adapter with USB-C connector.

IOT-1176P Features-

  • NXP i.MX RT1176 Processor
  • Arm Cortex-M7 @1GHz, (800 MHz at industrial temperature) 32KB/32KB L1 Cache
  • Arm Cortex-M4F @400MHz, 16KB/16KB L1 Cache
  • Fast Real-time, low-latency response (12ns)
  • 2D GPU and Graphics Accelerator

NXP i.MX RT1170 Family Introduction
The i.MX RT1170 is a new high-end processor of the i.MX RT family, which features NXP’s advanced implementation of a high-performance Arm Cortex®-M7 core operating at speeds up to 800 MHz and a power-efficient Cortex®-M4 core up to 400 MHz.
The i.MX RT1170 processor has 2 MB on-chip RAM in total, including a 768 KB RAM which can be flexibly configured as TCM (512 KB RAM shared with M7 TCM and 256 KB RAM shared with M4 TCM) or general-purpose on-chip RAM. The i.MX RT1170 integrates an advanced power management module with DCDC and LDO regulators that reduce the complexity of the external power supply and simplify power sequencing.
The i.MX RT1170 also provides various memory interfaces, including SDRAM, RAW NAND FLASH, NOR FLASH, SD/eMMC, Quad/Octal SPI, Hyper RAM/Flash, and a wide range of other interfaces for connecting peripherals, such as WLAN, Bluetooth™, GPS, displays, and camera sensors. The i.MX RT1170 also has rich audio and video features, including MIPI CSI/DSI, LCD display, graphic accelerator, camera interface, SPDIF, and I2S audio interface.

The i.MX RT1170 is specifically useful for applications such as:

• Industrial Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
• Motor Control
• Home Appliance
• High-end Audio Appliance
• Low-end Instrument Cluster
• Point-of-Sale (PoS)


EMAC, Inc. is a global leader in custom industrial microcontroller embedded system design. These systems have migrated just microcontrollers into the IoT domain with Industrial IoT or IIOT as their new family classification.  Custom Microcontrollers are an ideal alternative to custom Single Board Computers; when low power consumption, data aggregation, and minimal processing are needed without the overhead of a high-level operating system. A microcontroller is best able to collect digital and analog data inputs while also incorporating specialized sensors (temperature, Shock, Sound, G-sensor, GPS location, and others) then monitor these inputs and report changes. Multiple microcontrollers can collect send data to an IOT Edge computer, directly to a Cloud computer or upload to a Cloud service providing secure access to your data anywhere in the world. Generally, EMAC can get a project started developing with a similar CoTS Configured-off-The-Shelf product; while we design a new board to best fit the project needs. This approach to custom board design helps solidify a product design before a product is committed to being built, allowing customization to best suit the actual project needs.

EMAC can provide software Board Support Packages (BSPs) for our Single Board Computers (SBCs) using your choice of compatible Embedded Operating Systems. Integration of the single board computer into an enclosure, adding memory, CPU, Wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth or Mesh), storage solution & loading an OS, in most cases is free with the purchase of the Single Board Computer and related components. Additionally, EMAC has LCD- Panel Kits with Touchscreen options, allowing our Single Board Computer Solutions to utilize an LCD for video output and a touchscreen replacement of a mouse for input.

The LCD Panel Kit with the Touchscreen option in conjunction with the Flash Disk, makes for a Solid State Embedded computer system that is ideal for rugged, wide temperature, and low downtime environments. If you cannot find exactly what you need from our large Off-The-Shelf selection, EMAC can potentially customize any hardware or software component, and additionally offer driver development and software application programming, providing you with the perfect fit for their SBC application needs. EMAC can provide Enclosures, I/O Modules, Peripherals, Memory, and Operating Systems for most of our x86 and ARM SBCs to make them into fully embedded systems.

EMAC supports and can install the following Embedded Operating Systems on Hard Drive or Flash Disk: >MicroPython, FreeRTOS, EMAC OE Embedded Linux, Xenomi Development Framework, ROMDOS, Windows CE, and Windows Embedded Standard, Windows 10 IoT or Windows 10 IoT Core.

Interested in custom engineering? Learn more. 

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Peripheral Options

Development kits

PER-ADP-0031P STLINK/V2 Programmer Bundle allows USB programming of ST32 processors Call
PER-MIS-00050 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz WiFi Antenna with 10 cm cable, IPEX connector, adhesive antenna. Call
PER-MIS-0005PR 2.4 GHz WiFi Antenna & 20cm IPEX to SMA Cable, Panel Mount SMA Call
PER-PWR-0101PR Battery LI-ION Rechargeable 3.7V 1.2AH (optional backup battery for system power) Call
CAB-40-015 Micro-USB to USB A power/debug cable Call
CAB-35-001 Serial Cable COM 10-Pin .1″ IDC to DB9-M Call
SR010-00GS06 FreeRTOS CutiPy Operating system Software IP Group Free
SP010-00GS06 uPython CutiPy Operating system Software IP Group Free
SL05x-LON-xx EMAC OE Linux 5.x for ARM (Free installation at time of purchase of SBC & media) Free
DEV-IIOTC-000 CutiPy™ Microcontroller IIoTC uPython Development Kit Call
DEV-IIOTC-010 CutiPy™ Microcontroller IIoTC FreeRTOS Development Kit – Includes STLink Programmer Call

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